Creating a culinary experience

As we embark on creating something truly special in the events industry, we wanted to share with you the stories of what compels us for excellence. It's an inkling into the lives of the people who make up The HIGHLINE Venue and they're the ones who will be of service to you throughout your journey with us as you plan and create the function of your dreams.

Whether it be of the day you become husband-and-wife, life long partners, or celebrate the coming of birth and age, or even host a corporate launch, the creation of these events are the results of the meticulous planning and creativity of lives that live and breath service. So in our own way, as a business and owners, we wanted to use this channel to celebrate their excellence, to give them voice in an industry that typically drowns the true superstars.

Certainly we're taking the opportunity to debunk some rumours that we're an inexperienced team with little-to-no working knowledge and experience of operating a venue or in the wedding receptions business. Or even our chefs are no more than kitchen hands. True we have kitchen hands as they are an important member of the kitchen that look after the "administrative" operation of the kitchen, the guys and girls that ensure your cutlery and flatware are spick-and-span because presentation matters.

So I'd like to introduce you to Executive Chef Dominique Heitz who comes with years of international Michelin-star restaurant experience and has helmed the culinary excellence of function venues locally. It's immeasurable what he brings on as he leads the gastronomy-in-a-banquet setting and has been consulting to create amazing menus.

And yet, still, he is part of a team of chefs that are across various traditionally prepared cuisines, such as authentic Asian live seafood banquets, by our in-house Asian Chef, or Middle Eastern mezza created locally and from the freshest of produce, served abundantly. In time you'll meet the rest of the team who are pinnacle in making sure your guests are happy and filled with truly quality food.

Bailey Wang